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Water Better!

I’ve spent over 20 years in Western New York’s irrigation scene. When I was young, my Godmother’s son would take me out on the job during summer break where I’d get to watch how they install a sprinkler system. He would eventually move on to create his own company where I would work part time on and off throughout high school. I remember driving through neighborhoods after each job handing out flyers and business cards as he was attempting to grow his business.


Eventually I decided I wanted to learn more and become more involved in the local irrigation community. By moving on to a much larger company, I had hoped to climb the ranks and become a leader in my field. I spent the better part of a decade learning from one of the greatest minds (and even greater man and role model) in the industry. If he couldn’t do it, no one could.


However, I would soon plateau with them and continue on to another smaller, yet respectable irrigation business. There I was able to bring many years of experience and leadership to a growing operation. During this time, I began to notice the impression I had made on my clients, peers, current and former colleagues.


Customers began to follow me to my new place of employment and the individuals I had spent years training began to rise into leadership roles themselves. I began to offer assistance and advice to more than just the current company I worked for. After spending so many years with 3 different providers in the field, working closely with their employees, contractors and customers I determined it was time to move on once again.


If there’s 1 thing I learned during all that time it’s that you cannot replace quality with quantity. The demand for irrigation in our region is growing rapidly. Sprinkler systems are becoming a requirement in almost all new build homes and developments due to hotter temperatures and hard clay soil. Every year, so much water is wasted due to improperly maintained sprinkler systems. It’s estimated that a poorly functioning irrigation system wastes about 50% of the water actually used, but no company is going to tell you that your system is using 25,000 more gallons a year than it should be.


Many large companies boast huge customer counts but fail to provide those systems with the attention they need. Their technicians are often rushed; over-scheduled as the company attempts to bill out as many work orders as possible. Attention to detail suffers, employee morale is low and customers are left wondering what they’re paying for. The technicians aren’t to blame. They want to do good work, but aren’t given the opportunity to do so.


I created my own company to break free from the old ways and set new standards for the irrigation trade in Western New York. By treating our employees better, taking the time to actually listen to our customers and offering a service that actually works!


At Buffa🦬Lawn, we aim to water BETTER! By using the latest monitoring and water conservation software, technology and equipment, our goal is to change what our customers AND our employees expect from an irrigation company in Western New York. Our staff will have a vested interest in your property and listen to the specific needs of your lawn and landscape all while providing you with tips and suggestions on how you can save money and water efficiently.


We hope you’ll give us a chance to take care of your watering needs for years to come.


-Scott Banks (Owner)

Buffa-Lawn & Landscape Irrigation Scott Banks

Western NY
Service Areas

  • Buffalo, NY

  • Olcott, NY

  • Lewiston, NY

  • Youngstown, NY

  • Lockport, NY

  • Gasport, NY

  • Pendleton, NY

  • Ransomville, NY

  • Grand Island, NY

  • Niagara Falls, NY

  • Wheatfield, NY

  • North Tonawanda, NY

  • Tonawanda, NY

  • Amherst, NY

  • East Amherst, NY

  • West Amherst, NY

  • Kenmore, NY

  • Clarence, NY

  • Clarence Center, NY

  • Williamsville, NY

  • Snyder, NY

  • Cheektowaga, NY

  • West Seneca, NY

  • Lackawanna, NY

  • Lancaster, NY

  • Elma, NY

  • East Aurora, NY

  • Orchard Park, NY

  • Hamburg, NY

  • Lakeview, NY

  • Derby, NY

  • Western New York, NY

Upstate NY
Service Area

  • Rochester, NY

  • Fairport, NY

  • Irondiquoit, NY

  • Spencerport, NY

  • Henrietta, NY

  • Victor, NY

  • Canandaigua, NY

  • Pittsford, NY

  • Penfield, NY

  • Greece, NY

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