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Buffa🦬Lawn is Western New York’s first and exclusive certified Irrigreen contractor!​

  • With complete digital control over each individual head, over spray becomes a thing of the past. No more excess water on your fencing, walls, foundation, sidewalks or driveways!

  • Irrigreen systems require 80% less pipe than traditional irrigation systems and a fraction of the heads.

  • Irrigreen is a revolutionary advancement in irrigation technology. Featuring the world’s first all digital valve in sprinkler head that will have you completely rethinking how your lawn is watered. As the world progresses towards a future where water and energy conservation initiatives become the norm, Irrigreen offers a product that can result in an up to 50% reduction in water usage!

  • Couple that with an on-site weather sensor, flow sensor, integration with your local weather forecast and our Remote Monitoring Service included for one season for unparalleled peace of mind and significant water savings!

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