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Sprinkler & Irrigation System Repairs & Maintenance Plans in Western & Upstate NY

We are experienced in working with all types of lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems.  We offer free estimates and flexible scheduling to get the work you need, so you can Water Better!

Spring Start-Ups

Our technicians will thoroughly test your entire system. Ensuring everything is adjusted properly and ready for the upcoming season.

Summer Check-Ups

Schedule mid-season or monthly check-ups to ensure your sprinkler system is watering properly. We will check for any changes in your lawn and landscape to insure water is reaching all the areas it should even when plant growth is at its peak.


Using compressed air, we will clear all lines, valves and heads of any water that would otherwise freeze and cause damage to your sprinkler system.

Remote Monitoring

Avoid calling us for service after your lawn or landscape has already dried out! Our remote monitoring service will allow us to be notified by your controller in the event of leaks, broken heads, electrical malfunctions and much more!

Seasonal Service Plans

Buffa🦬Lawn offers bundle pricing for many of our services. Call today and ask how you can save money and water better!

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