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Smart System Upgrades

Upgrade your current system to utilize a full suite of money saving and water conserving technologies. Call for your personalized estimate today!

  • Wi-fi ready smart controller

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled

  • Control over your system using your Android or IOS devices

  • Automatic Seasonal Adjust connects to the internet and uses your zip code’s weather forecast to automatically adjust the controller’s scheduled run times and days

  • Automatically detect electrical malfunctions

  • On-site weather monitor

  • Detects local weather at your home including rain and temperature and suspends operation in the event of sufficient rainfall or freezing temperatures.

  • Flow-sensor​

  • Enables the controller to learn the expected flow per zone and suspends operation in the event too much flow is detected (ie. a leak or broken head.

  • Notifies you in the event not enough flow is detected (ie. a clogged nozzle or stuck valve)

  • Remote Monitoring Service included for one season

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