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A full-service sprinkler & irrigation company
serving Buffalo, NY, and surrounding areas!

Water Better!

Using the latest monitoring software, technology, and equipment, we are changing what our customers AND our employees expect from an irrigation company in Western New York.


The staff at 🦬 Buffa-Lawn & Landscape Irrigation has a vested interest in your property and pays attention to the unique needs of your lawn and landscape. We are available now to service or install sprinkler systems and provide tips and suggestions on saving money and watering efficiently.

Buffa-Lawn & Landscape Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems Reliable Service & Repair in Buffalo

Reliable, Quality Service

Buffa-Lawn & Landscape Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems Experienced Technicians

Experienced Technicians

Buffa-Lawn & Landscape Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems Water Efficiently

Water Conservation

Buffa-Lawn & Landscape Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems High Tech Smart Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Industry Leading Technologies

Intelligent Irrigation

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Connected Smart Systems

  • Digital Sprinkler Systems

Buffa-lawn & Landscape Irrigation & Sprinkler System in West NY Services

Our Services

Spring Start-ups




What can we do for you?

The staff at Buffa🦬Lawn maintain all types of irrigation systems. Whether you'd like an estimate to install a new system or would like us to service an existing system, give us a call today for a free estimate or on-site system assessment.

  • Sprinkler System Irrigation Repair

  • Sprinkler System Irrigation Winterization

  • Sprinkler System Irrigation Start Up

Buffa-lawn & Landscape Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems in West NY Logo

Thank you! We typically respond within 2 business days.

For emergencies, please call Buffa🦬Lawn at (716) 280-7671.

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