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Smart Irrigation Systems

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Buffa🦬Lawn installs Smart Automatic Irrigation Systems.

  • Wi-fi ready smart controller

    • Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled

    • Control over your system using your Android or IOS devices

    • Automatic Seasonal Adjust connects to the internet and uses your zip code’s weather forecast to automatically adjust the controller’s scheduled run times and days

    • Automatically detect electrical malfunctions

  • On-site weather monitor

    • Detects local weather at your home including rain and temperature and suspends operation in the event of sufficient rainfall or freezing temperatures.

  • Flow-sensor​

    • Enables the controller to learn the expected flow per zone and suspends operation in the event too much flow is detected (ie. a leak or broken head.

    • Notifies you in the event not enough flow is detected (ie. a clogged nozzle or stuck valve)

  • Remote Monitoring Service included for one season

Buffa🦬Lawn is Western New York’s first and exclusive certified Irrigreen contractor!​

  • With complete digital control over each individual head, over spray becomes a thing of the past. No more excess water on your fencing, walls, foundation, sidewalks or driveways!

  • Irrigreen systems require 80% less pipe than traditional irrigation systems and a fraction of the heads.

  • Irrigreen is a revolutionary advancement in irrigation technology. Featuring the world’s first all digital valve in sprinkler head that will have you completely rethinking how your lawn is watered. As the world progresses towards a future where water and energy conservation initiatives become the norm, Irrigreen offers a product that can result in an up to 50% reduction in water usage!

  • Couple that with an on-site weather sensor, flow sensor, integration with your local weather forecast, Android and IOS support and our Remote Monitoring Service included for one season for unparalleled peace of mind and significant water savings!


Buffa🦬Lawn can reconfigure your irrigation system due to any major work you've had done on your property.

  • New pools, walkways, driveway extensions, landscaping, additions and more!

  • We offer a three step approach to your project by working with you and your contractors to insure the job gets done right the first time!​​​

    1. Before you break ground, we will meet with you to discuss your plan and ideas, then prep your system by removing any heads, valves or lines that might be in the way.​

    2. After the work has been completed, but before any landscaping is installed, we will go over your watering needs and provide you with a tailored estimate to put your system back together.

    3. Our team will revamp your system using as many previously removed heads or valves as possible to help you save money!

Drip and Micro Irrigation

Drip Irrigation


  • Irrigate your landscaping without wasting water due to wind, overspray, or run off!

  • Reduce damage to sensitive plants and shrubs by watering at the roots!

  • The most efficient direct to root method to water your landscape or garden.

  • Great for raised planter boxes!

Micro Irrigation

  • Automatically water hanging baskets, window baskets, pots and more!

  • Stop lifting heavy watering cans! 

  • Great for greenhouse applications!

Hose Bibs and Fill Systems

Hose Bibs


  • Are your current hose bibs too far away? 

  • Tired of dragging your hose across the lawn or around the house to fill your pool or wash your car?

  • We can tap into your existing house bib on the outside of your house and install another hose bib at a more convenient location!

Pool, Pond and Fountain Fills

  • Keep your pool, fish ponds and recirculating fountains full all summer long with an automatic fill system!

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